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Getting Started

Finding Data

List of all MAST searches and tools

MAST provides several ways to find data of interest and they are listed on a "searches" web page for your convenience. Most missions have a specialized search form.

MAST provides several cross-mission searches. Use the MAST Data Discovery Portal for cross-mission searches and to cross-correlate a catalog downloaded from VizieR with MAST missions.

In addition to raw data from the missions, MAST archives "High-Level Science Products": fully processed (reduced, co-added, cosmic-ray cleaned etc.) images and spectra that are ready for scientific analysis. We have provided several ways to find HLSP of interest including a search by type of data and target.

Downloading Data

MAST has several options for retrieving data. These options are outlined on a general informational page on Data Downloads.


For additional help please visit the MAST Service Portal. You will need to sign on with your MyST account. There are a few existing knowledge base articles and additional articles will be added over time. You may get help through the service portal or you may also send mail to