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Mission Overview


An Atlas of Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions from the UV to the Mid-IR (GALSEDATLAS)


Primary Investigator:  Michael Brown

HLSP Authors: Michael Brown

Released: 2019-05-14

Updated: 2017-01-30

Primary Reference(s): Brown et al. (2014)

DOI: 10.17909/t9-5bxk-dh29

Citations: See ADS Statistics

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NGC 3190 SED
GALSEDATLAS-derived SED for NGC 3190. Red points indicate the photometric measurements that constrain the final SED shown in the black and gray curve.


GALSEDATLAS presents spectral energy distributions (SEDs), covering the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared, for 129 nearby galaxies spanning a wide range of galaxy types. The SEDs were obtained by combining ground-based optical spectrophotometry with infrared spectroscopy from Spitzer and Akari, and covering gaps in wavelength coverage with SED models. In addition, the authors measured matched-aperture photometry for each source from images taken by Swift-UVOT, GALEX, SDSS, 2MASS, Spitzer, and WISE, enabling mitigation of systematic errors, in order to normalize and constrain the resulting spectra. By providing comprehensive SEDs over a very wide range of galaxy types, GALSEDATLAS will improve K-corrections, photometric redshifts, and star-formation rate calibrations. See Brown et al. (2014) for full details.

Description of Data Products

This HLSP comprises images, spectral energy distributions (SEDs), and catalogs.  The photometry that constrained the SEDs for each source were derived from the images obtained from various missions. These images are provided here as-is for reproducibility purposes.  The final SEDs and photometric catalogs are available as a single summary catalog file in FITS format.

Data file naming convention:


<observatory> = swift, galex, sdss, 2mass, spitzer, or wise
<instrument>  = e.g., "imager"
<galaxy> = string for the galaxy name, e.g., "ngc-3190"
<filter> = string for the filter name, e.g. ugriz, fuv, nuv
<ext> = file type and extension, indicating what the file contains; see below for details

Data file types:

_img.fits Image files from which matched-aperture photometry was derived
_spec.dat Final constrained SED for each source
_cat.csv Photometry or SED summary file
_cat.fits Full atlas, SEDs, and catalogs

Data Access

Access the photometric catalogs and atlas summary file below. 

Catalog Description
GALSEDATLAS combined catalog All catalogs and SEDs

Photometry catalog

Extinction-corrected Photometry catalog

Photometry catalog
Extinction Catalog Extinction catalog
Summary SED summary catalog


The table below contains links to 1) an individual page for each galaxy in the atlas, containing download links for the FITS images from which the photometric catalogs were derived; and 2) a direct link to the SED file for each galaxy.


Please remember to cite the appropriate paper(s) below and the DOI 10.17909/t9-5bxk-dh29 if you use these data in a published work. 

Note: These HLSP data products are licensed for use under CC BY 4.0.