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GalexView was a search interface that provided access to GALEX data products. Searching for GALEX observations via spatial cone searches was a primary use case, but the interface also allowed for selection based on GALEX-specific metadata like survey type. Catalog sources were also available to run cone searches on, and were displayed on top of the GALEX images. Products could be selected for download using a checkout cart.


GalexView was written in Flash, and was retired in December of 2020 in advance of Adobe blocking Flash from running on the web on 12 January 2021.

Suggested Alternatives

Users are suggested to use the MAST Portal cross-mission search interace for querying and retrieving GALEX products.

Historical Screenshots of the GalexView Interface

Below are some screenshots to place its functionality in context.

Screenshot showing the GalexView UI when searching for tiles.
GalexView allowed for searches of tiles, displaying the image in the preview window. Survey type and other Galex-specific criteria could also be specified.
Screenshot showing GalexView when searching for catalog objects.
When searching within catalogs, GalexView displayed the sources on top of the image. The bottom table displayed source information from the catalog, including fluxes.
Screenshot showing the cart that allowed for product download selection.
The checkout cart allowed for selection of specific products to download. It allowed for choosing to download coadd-level or visit-level products.