Mission Overview

Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury: Triangulum Extended Region ("PHATTER")


Primary Investigator: Julianne Dalcanton

HLSP Authors: Meredith Durbin, Benjamin Williams

Released: 2021-03-15

Updated: 2021-03-15

Primary Reference(s): Williams et al. 2021

DOI: 10.17909/t9-ksyp-na40

Citations: See ADS Statistics

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The approximate footprints of each photometric subsection of PHATTER are plotted on a Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) image of M33.


The team provides UV-optical-NIR photometry for 22 million stars in the central ~0.1 deg^2 of M33 for the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury: Triangulum Extended Region ("PHATTER") survey. They use the filters F275W and F336W on the WFC3/UVIS camera, F475W and F814W on ACS/WFC, and the F110W and F160W on WFC3/IR. UVIS data reach a magnitude limit of ~25 in F275W and F336W. ACS data reach maximum depths of ~28 magnitudes in F475W and ~27 magnitudes in F814W in the uncrowded outer disk. In these same regions, WFC3/IR data reach maximum depths of ~26.5 and ~25.5 in F110W and F160W, respectively. However, the depths are crowding limited in the optical and NIR, and thus is a strong function of radius. As a result, photometry in the inner bulge fields is far shallower.  The source catalogs and image mosaics from which the sources are extracted are provided by the team.  The team also provides the WCS solutions for each subsection's reference image.

Data Products

The mosaic files have the following naming convention:



  • <ins> = Name of the instrument used, either "acs-wfc", "wfc3-uvis", or "wfc3-ir".
  • <filter> = Name of filter used, one of "f475w", "f814w", "f160w", "f275w", "f336w".

The catalog files have the following naming convention:



  • <subset> = name of the imaging subset, examples: "b01-ne", "b02-ss", or "b03-nw".

The WCS files have the following naming convention:



  • <subset> = name of the imaging subset, examples: "b01-ne", "b02-ss", or "b03-nw".

Data file types:

_drz.fits Full-frame drizzled mosaics of the entire survey for a given filter.
_phot.fits Full-stack 6-band photometry tables for each subsection of the survey.
_wcs.fits WCS information for each photometry subsection's reference image.

Data Access

DRZ Mosaics

Filter DRZ Mosaic
F475W hlsp_phatter_hst_acs-wfc_m33_f475w_v1_drz.fits
F814W hlsp_phatter_hst_acs-wfc_m33_f814w_v1_drz.fits
F160W hlsp_phatter_hst_wfc3-ir_m33_f160w_v1_drz.fits
F275W hlsp_phatter_hst_wfc3-uvis_m33_f275w_v1_drz.fits
F336W hlsp_phatter_hst_wfc3-uvis_m33_f336w_v1_drz.fits


Catalog and WCS Files

b01-ne: PHOT | WCS b01-nn: PHOT | WCS b01-nw: PHOT | WCS
b01-se: PHOT | WCS b01-ss: PHOT | WCS b01-sw: PHOT | WCS
b02-ne: PHOT | WCS b02-nn: PHOT | WCS b02-nw: PHOT | WCS
b02-se: PHOT | WCS b02-ss: PHOT | WCS b02-sw: PHOT | WCS
b03-ne: PHOT | WCS b03-nn: PHOT | WCS b03-nw: PHOT | WCS
b03-se: PHOT | WCS b03-ss: PHOT | WCS b03-sw: PHOT | WCS


Please remember to cite the appropriate paper(s) below and the DOI if you use these data in a published work. 

Note: These HLSP data products are licensed for use under CC BY 4.0.