Mission Overview

Classifying TESS stellar flares with CNNs

This entry explores how to classify flaring events using the convolutional neural network (CNN) framework from stella.  This approach was used to identify flares in high-resolution TESS light curves (2-minute cadence) by Feinstein et al. (2020). The same workflow is presented in simplified form to walk through the construction of the CNN model. The results are then validated and applied to a new dataset.

Data:  The stella HLSP 

Notebook: Classifying TESS flares with CNNs

Released: 2022-06-12

Updated: 2022-06-12

Tags: neural networks, 1-d data, classification, confusion matrix

Example TESS light curves with flares (red) and without flares (black) classified with stella (Feinstein et al. 2020).