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Partner with STScI & MAST

STScI welcomes partnerships with new missions and mission proposals. For a description of the full range of possible support - from peer review and scheduling to data calibration - we can provide to your mission, see the webpage for our Community Missions Office. This page focuses on operating or proposed missions with an interest in partnering with STScI's Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) for data archiving and analysis tools.

Archiving data

NASA now requires that all Explorer, APRA, CubeSat, Smallsat, and suborbital missions archive their data with one of the NASA-funded archives. MAST is a comprehensive archive supported by NASA independently of Hubble and Webb, and now hosting data from more than a dozen operating and legacy missions in a unified archive.  MAST is the natural home for any UV/optical and near-IR mission, as a complement to our existing holdings. Even if you are not sure MAST is the best archive for your mission, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

The most basic level of data archiving mandated by NASA and supported by MAST can usually be arranged without cost to the contributing mission. This simplest approach allows missions to contribute fully calibrated science data, associated metadata and documentation, and any relevant code, as a "high-level science product" (HLSP). The contribution guidelines for HLSPs are here. With HLSP-level support, MAST can manage a few separate ingests over the course of a multi-year mission. HLSP is "passive" support from MAST, in the sense that we do not: (1) provide unique search tools, (2) recalibrate contributed data, (3) run contributed code, or (4) provide mission-specific user support. For HLSP-level support, STScI will provide a formal letter of commitment addressed to the PI for inclusion in your proposal to NASA. See below for contact information. 

MAST can provide higher levels of support, including fully-featured mission-specific archives, under formal contract arrangements with a proposed mission. Past examples include FUSE, GALEX, and we are currently the archive for TESS. A funded contract gives your mission access to world class archive professionals, data scientists, and state-of-the-art cloud-based software tools to unlock the scientific potential of your mission for the larger scientific community. MAST has a strong track record of amplifying the scientific impact of missions with these enhanced services. Some examples of enhanced services include:

Interested in Proposing?

We encourage prospective Principal Investigators for any proposals to these NASA programs to contact us 3 months in advance of their proposal deadlines and/or 2 months before their internal proposal deadlines. Turnaround times for HLSP-only commitment letters can be 1-2 weeks, but significant lead time is needed to establish formal contract arrangements for higher levels of support.