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MAST Staff - 2023 Sep 29


  • MUSCLES delivers panchromatic SEDs for 11 exoplanet-hosting stars that have guaranteed JWST time but have no previous UV (Behr et al. 2023). These SEDs can be used to understand the effect of stars on exoplanet atmospheres.  View MUSCLES collection page >
  • OPAL, the HST legacy survey of the outer planets, releases new global maps of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune from Cycle 29 and Uranus from Cycle 30.  View OPAL collection page >
  • QLP calibrated TESS light curves from Sectors 63 and 64 are now available at MAST. These releases added nearly 3 million new light curves to the collection. In total, the QLP collection now contains more than 60 million light curves.  View QLP collection page >
  • TESS-SPOC calibrated light curves from TESS Sectors 59 and 60 FFIs are now available via MAST interfaces. These Sectors add 160,000 and 159,999 targets, respectively, to this HLSP collection.  View TESS-SPOC collection page >
  • TICA released full sets of quick-look, calibrated TESS full frame images from both orbits of Sector 69, and are now available at MAST.  View TICA collection page >
MUSCLES:  Stellar UV flux with increasing effective temperature. Note that increasing effective temperature drives the photospheric emission deeper into the UV.



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