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MAST High Level Science Product (HLSP) Interest Form

The Mikulski Archives for Space Telescopes (MAST) encourages authors to contribute data created or obtained and re-processed for their publication(s) as a MAST High Level Science Product (HLSP). Submission of an HLSP is voluntary. HLSPs are observations, catalogs, or models that complement, or are derived from, MAST-supported missions. These include Hubble (HST), James Webb (JWST), Kepler/K2, GALEX, TESS, Swift, XMM, and others. HLSPs can include images, spectra, light curves, maps, source catalogs, or simulations. They can include observations from other telescopes, or data that have been processed in a way that differs from what's available in the originating archive.
Data contributed as HLSPs to MAST receive a project web page and are integrated with the other data, increasing discoverability. The data will remain attributable to the original PI and research team while hosted in MAST. If provided early in the publication process, we can provide a URL and DOI that you can include in your publication to facilitate linking between your publication and the HLSP.
Please note that by completing the web form below, you are indicating your interest in sharing your data via MAST. MAST staff will assess the data and its relationship to existing MAST-supported missions and contact you with any questions they may have. You will be notified of MAST's decision to include your proposed high-level science product in the archive. If your proposed HLSP is deemed ineligible, you will receive feedback to explain why.
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HST/JWST Proposal IDs, if relevant
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When do you expect to deliver your fully processed HLSP?
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