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Visit the TESS Archive Manual Summary Page: Your guide to TESS at MAST: Tutorials, Jupyter Notebooks, and Bulk Download Instructions

Latest Updates

06 December 2018
Mission Update: TESS data from Sectors 1 and 2 are now public, and all MAST services and tools are operational. Please see our news article for a summary of what's available, links to the Archive Manual with tutorials, and more!
19 November 2018
Mission Update: Data release of @NASA_TESS Sector 1+2 is now anticipated in early December 2018. Please see this link for the full announcement. For a review of services at MAST for TESS that will be available on release day, see the Summary Page in the TESS Archival Manual.
04 October 2018
First preliminary data products from the NASA TESS mission now available. Target pixel files, extracted light curves, and data validation reports for 44 planet candidates from 43 TESS stars observed at 2-minute cadence are available. These targets come from the TESS Data Alerts system.
04 October 2018
Version 7.02 of the Candidate Target List is now available for download and in the Portal. See the Release Notes for more info.
13 August 2018
The TESS mission has released the first four pointing coordinates for Sector 1:
15 February 2018
Simulated TESS data products ("ETE-6") now available. See the ETE-6 homepage for more information.
23 January 2018
Version 6 of the TIC is now public. See the live release notes for information on changes from TIC v5.
10 July 2017
Parallax-based log(g) errors in TIC v5. See notes here.
05 June 2017
Version 5 of the TIC and CTL are now public.
14 April 2017
Version 5 of the TIC and CTL will be made available to the public soon.

Mission At A Glance

Launch April 18, 2018
Capabilities Imaging; Photometry
Image Scale 21 arcsec/pixel

Example Coverage Map

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Instrument Handbook (MAST PDF) Data Release Notes (PDFs) Science Data Products Description (MAST PDF)
A detailed description of the TESS instrumentation, including discussions of the design and predicted performance of the instrument. Also covers on-orbit performance, including effects that could not be measured on the ground. Pertinent information related to each Sector or multi-Sector data release. Description of TESS science data product file formats and contents.
TESS Input Catalog v5 (MAST PDF | NASA ADS) TESS Input Catalog "Live" Release Notes ETE-6 Simulated Data (MAST PDF)
Detailed description of Version 5 of the TIC and exoCTL catalog: content, construction, algorithms used to derive parameters. Base-level document for all TIC versions. Dynamic release notes related to the TIC and exoCTL, updated with each version release and maintained by the TIC team. Description of TESS ETE-6 simulated data product creation.

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