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Data Product Summary

The complete set of TESS data products are summarized in the table below. Note that the TESS Input Catalog documentation and search interfaces are available in the menu bar above.

Product File Name Convention Description Primary Reference
ETE-6 MISC - same as documented in this table **Simulated** TESS data products. ETE-6 README
Uncalibrated FFI tess{date-time}-{cam}-{ccd}-{scid}-{cr}_ffir.fits Uncalibrated full frame images. Sci. Data Prod. - Sec. 3
Calibrated FFI tess{date-time}-{cam}-{ccd}-{scid}-{cr}_ffic.fits Calibrated full frame images. Sci. Data Prod. - Sec. 3
TPF tess{date-time}-{tid}-{scid}-{cr}_tp.fits Target pixel files, postage-stamp cutouts. Sci. Data Prod. - Sec. 4
LC tess{date-time}-{tid}-{scid}-{cr}_lc.fits Calibrated, extracted light curves. Sci. Data Prod. - Sec. 5
DV time series tess{date-time}-{tid}-{pin}_dvt.fits Data validation series; calibrated light curves for planet search. Sci. Data Prod. - Sec. 14
Full DV report tess{date-time}-{tid}-{pin}_dvr.pdf Full data validation report. Sci. Data Prod. - Sec. 12
TCE summary report tess{date-time}-{tid}-{pn}-{pin}_dvs.pdf Threshold crossing event summary report. Sci. Data Prod. - Sec. 11
CBV tess{date-time}-{cam}-{ccd}-{scid}-{cr}_cbv.fits Cotrending basis vectors (engineering/calibration). Sci. Data Prod. - Sec. 8
Collateral TPF tess{date-time}-{type}-{cam}-{ccd}-{output}-{scid}-{cr}_col.fits Collateral target pixel files (engineering/calibration). Sci. Data Prod. - Sec. 7
TIC *.csv TESS Input Catalog, split into files. Release Paper (PDF, ADS)
CTL *.csv TESS Candidate Target List, split into files. Release Paper (PDF, ADS)


  • {date-time} = The timestamp associated with this file, in the yyyydddhhmmss format.
  • {cam} = A single digit that identifies the camera used to collect the data.
  • {ccd} = A single digit that identifies the CCD chip.
  • {scid} = A zero-padded, four-digit identifier of the spacecraft configuration map used to process this data.
  • {cr} = A string character that denotes the cosmic ray mitigation procedure. Possible values are:
    • 'x': No mitigation performed at the SPOC.
    • 's': Mitigation performed on the spacecraft.
    • 'a': A SPOC mitigation algorithm was used.
    • 'b': Both a SPOC and onboard spececraft algorithm was used.
  • {tid} = A zero-padded, 16-digit target identifier that refers to an object in the TESS Input Catalog.
  • {pin} = A zero-padded, 5-digit identifier denoting the pipeline run.
  • {pn} = A zero-padded, 2-digit integer denoting the planet number.
  • {type} = A string character that denotes the type of collateral data included. Possible values are:
    • 'lvcol': Leading Virtual Column.
    • 'smrow': Smear Row.
    • 'tvcol': Trailing Virtual Column.
    • 'vrow': Virtual Row.
  • {output} = A string character that denotes the CCD output. Possible values are 'a', 'b', 'c', or 'd'.