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What Is Lilith-4?

Lilith-4 is a collection of simulated TESS two-minute cadence data, spanning four Sectors, created by the Lilith data simulator and subsequently processed through the TESS SPOC pipeline to generate TESS data products.

How were the Lilith-4 Data Products Created?

For important information on how these data products were created, and caveats associated with these simulated data, please consult the Lilith-4 RNAAS paper describing these data products, and please cite the paper if you use these data products.

Though the simulation was aimed at producing the most realistic synthetic science data from the standpoint of generating the pixel data, it relies on several assumptions and simplifications that may not reflect actual mission operations and instrumental and spacecraft behavior conditions.

How Were the Stellar Parameters Assigned to Targets for Lilith-4?

Stellar parameters were assigned from the TIC V6 and CTL V6.2 catalogs as documented in Stassun et al., 2018. Users are encouraged to consult the additional TIC V6 release notes that describe known limitations, caveats, and construction details.

What Is Included In Lilith-4?

Lilith-4 includes samples of the following data products over the period of four consecutive sectors spanning JD = 2458310.5507 to JD = 2458423.3201 at four different pointings:

  • Extracted Light Curves (*lc.fits)

  • Target Pixel Files (*tp.fits)

  • Data Validation Files (*dvr.pdf, *dvs.pdf, *dvt.fits)

  • Cotrending Basis Vectors (*cbv.fits)

  • Collateral Target Pixel Files (*-{lvcol, smrow, tvcol, vrow}-*col.fits)

  • Summary Reports for each TCE

  • Ground Truth Information (injected stellar variability, eclipsing binaries, background eclipsing binaries, transiting planets)

How Do I Download The Files?

For Lilith-4 data, only downloads through bulk download scripts via a data transfer protocol (wget, cURL) are supported.  Scripts are provided in the table below.

Where Are Values Stored In The Files?

TESS data product formats are described in the TESS Science Data Products Description Document.  Note that the Lilith-4 files use the same format as the TESS mission data products.

What Are The File Name Conventions?

For information about how the different data product file names are configured, see the Data Product homepage.

Download Scripts

You can access wget or cURL scripts that will download all products in a given Sector from the table below.  Estimates of the total size of the downloaded files are also included.  We recommend using wget version 1.19.5 or higher, at least on Mac OS.  Note that the ground truth files are provided as .tar.gz files instead of download scripts.  Finally, the PPA PDF reports are directly linked to, because there are only one of these per Sector in Lilith-4.

Sector CBV Collateral Data Validation Lightcurves Target Pixel Files Ground Truth PPA Report
1 cURL | wget (84 MB) cURL | wget (343 GB) cURL | wget (106 GB) cURL | wget (33 GB) cURL | wget (600 GB) tar.gz (980 MB) PDF (35 MB)
2 cURL | wget (89 MB) cURL | wget (334 GB) cURL | wget (107 GB) cURL | wget (33 GB) cURL | wget (600 GB) tar.gz (962 MB) PDF (36 MB)
3 cURL | wget (86 MB) cURL | wget (341 GB) cURL | wget (100 GB) cURL | wget (32 GB) cURL | wget (586 GB) tar.gz (1.2 GB) PDF (34 MB)
4 cURL | wget (85 MB) cURL | wget (320 GB) cURL | wget (101 GB) cURL | wget (32 GB) cURL | wget (574 GB) tar.gz (1.2 GB) PDF (28 MB)
1-4     cURL | wget (272 GB)