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MAST Staff - 2023 Nov 28

New & Updated HLSPs for November


  • KBONUS-BKG offers new PSF photometry light curves from Kepler primary mission data. As described in Martinez-Palomera et al. 2023, this work extracted 606,900 sources up to magnitude G<19, with 406,548 new light curves from background sources. Also included is a catalog of all sources with extracted light curves and a catalog for targets of interest. View the KBONUS-BKG page >
  • K2YSO: Have you ever wanted to analyze photometric time series for young stars (“YSOs”) but not been sure where to start? The K2YSO high level science product now provides access to light curves for over 800 YSOs observed in Taurus, Upper Scorpius, rho Ophiuchus, and the Lagoon Nebula by the K2 mission. Most targets harbor dusty circumstellar disks. Custom photometry procedures were aimed at retaining all stellar variability. A future data release will augment the sample with over 1000 additional light curves of more well-behaved diskless YSOs. View the K2YSO page >


  • REFERENCE-ATLASES: new ACS, COS, and STIS throughput tables have been delivered to support ETC 32.1. 
  • TICA calibrated, quick-look TESS FFIs for the following orbits are now available in MAST: 
    • Sector 71, complete
    • Sector 72
      • Orbit 1 complete
      • Orbit 2A
  • TESS-SPOC calibrated light curves and target pixel files from TESS full-frame images for Sectors 62 and 63 are now available at MAST. These Sectors add 159,999 and 160,000 targets derived from 200-second cadence FFIs, respectively. View the TESS-SPOC page > 
HR diagrams of KBONUS stars

Color-magnitude diagrams of the KBonus catalog presented in this work. Only Kepler targets are in the top left panel, new background sources are in the top right panel, and the combination of both data sets is in the bottom left panel. The fraction of new sources over Kepler targets in the CMD is shown in the bottom right panel.


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