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MAST Staff - 2024 Jan 31

Updated HLSPs

  • TESS-SPOC calibrated light curves and target pixel files from TESS FFIs for Sectors 67+68. These add 159,998 and 159,999 targets each, derived from 200s cadence FFIs. Sector 66 data are under review by the TESS-SPOC team and are coming soon! View the TESS-SPOC page.
  • TICA provides quick-look, calibrated TESS full-frame images. View the TICA page. The latest orbits that have been added are:
    • Sector 74, Orbit 2A
    • Sector 74, Orbit 1B


The distribution of selected TESS-SPOC FFI targets from Sector 14 is shown as a stacked histogram. The Sector 14 FFI target list includes 156,217 total targets with 20,000 targets from the two-minute cadence list (blue), 31,175 IR-bright, or nearby targets (cyan), and 105,042 FFI field star targets selected by TESS magnitude (red).



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