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PHANGS-HST Team - 2021 Jan 11


MAST and the PHANGS-HST team are happy to announce the first release of high-level data products (DR1) from our Cycle 26 Physics at High Angular resolution in Nearby GalaxieS with the Hubble Space Telescope Treasury Survey (P.I.: J.C. Lee; PID 15654) at:

PHANGS-HST is obtaining five-band NUV-U-B-V-I WFC3 imaging of the disks of 38 spiral galaxies at distances of 4-23 Mpc, and parallel V and I band ACS imaging of their halos, to provide a census of tens of thousands of compact star clusters and associations. DR1 provides imaging data products and visualization tools for 29/38 galaxies for prime observations of the disk.

PHANGS-HST is a component of the broader PHANGS program(PI E. Schinnerer; The PHANGS program is building the first dataset to enable the multi-phase, multi-scale study of star formation across the nearby spiral galaxy population down to stellar clusters and associations, giant molecular clouds, and HII regions. This effort is enabled by large Treasury programs with ALMA, VLT/MUSE, and HST, with which we have obtained CO(2--1) imaging, optical spectroscopic mapping, and high resolution UV-optical imaging, combined with supporting data including ground-based Halpha, VLA HI, Astrosat FUV/NUV wide-field imaging, and a wealth of panchromatic ground- and space-based survey observations collected over the past three decades for the galaxies in the sample. Future data releases will link the data from these programs for galaxies observed by PHANGS-HST (which will also be served by CADC, ESO, and ALMA) to provide integrated access to the ensemble dataset. Future PHANGS-HST releases will also provide catalogs of observed and physical properties of the resolved stellar populations (stars, compact stellar clusters and associations), as well as the software used to produce the catalogs.

PHANGS-HST observations began in April 2019 and are scheduled to conclude by Spring 2021. The design of the PHANGS-HST survey, and overview of the data processing/products are described in Lee et al. (2021). The PHANGS-HST DR1 products were prepared by L. Ubeda (STScI), B. Whitmore (STScI), J.C. Lee (Caltech/IPAC), D. Thilker (JHU), G. Anand (U. Hawaii).