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MAST Staff - 2023 Dec 30

Updated HLSPs:

  • OPAL, providing HST observations of the outer planets' atmospheres, releases Saturn Cycle 30, Neptune Cycle 30, and Uranus Cycle 31 data. View the OPAL page.
  • QLP-calibrated TESS light curves for Sector 67 are now available at MAST. This release adds 720,775 light curves to the collection. View the QLP page.
  • TICA provides quick-look, calibrated TESS full-frame images. View the TICA page. The latest orbits that have been added are:
    • Sector 72 Orbit 2B
    • Sector 73 Orbits 1A, 1B, 2A
  • TESS-SPOC calibrated light curves and target pixel files from TESS full-frame images for Sectors 64 and 65 are now available at MAST. These Sectors each add 159,999 targets derived from 200-second cadence FFIs. View the TESS-SPOC page.
  • ULLYSES DR7, a UV spectral survey of young high- and low-mass stars. 97 new stars and updates for 398 are included in this data release. View the ULLYSES page.
a static image of Jupiter's atmosphere
Jupiter, as imaged in the OPAL program.


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