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MAST Staff - 2024 Apr 29

Updated HLSPs

  • MUDF: Muse Ultra Deep Field. The MUDF team has released a spectroscopic catalog with redshifts of 419 galaxies from z = 0-6 with measurements of up to 32 emission lines from the rest-frame UV to NIR. The team has also revised the headers of the previously released 1D and 2D HST grism spectra to include additional information about the observations. These grism spectra are now accessed via the MAST Portal and Astroquery. The catalog and new science results are presented in Revalski et al. 2024
  • REFERENCE-ATLASES now contains updated COS and STIS throughputs. COS throughputs contain changes due to updating the FUV FLUXTAB and TDSTAB; the STIS throughputs contain changes due to updating the NUV-MAMA and CCD TDSTABs.
  • TESS-SPOC extends the SPOC processing pipeline to non-target stars in full-frame images. This latest release from Sector 66 adds 159998 target light curves to the collection.
  • TICA provides quick-look, calibrated TESS full-frame images. The latest orbits that have been added are:
    • Sector 77, orbits: 1A, 1B, 2A


MUDF Grism Spectral Traces: HST WFC3 G141 grism spectral traces for one position angle superimposed on a color-composite mosaic. The spectral traces are color-coded in the dispersion direction from blue (~10,000 A) to red (~17,000 A). The long smooth traces primarily highlight the continuum emission of bright galaxies and stars, with localized knots of bright emission revealing strong emission lines from ionized gas
Image Processing: Joseph DePasquale (STScI).


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