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MAST Staff - 2023 May 04

The Day of Accessibility was an event to learn about accessibility efforts at STScI focusing on alt text, Jupyter Notebooks, and data sonification. You can watch the full YouTube playlist of the recorded sessions, or find a link to a particular session in the table below.


Session Description Recording Link
Welcome A short introduction to the event, including overview and schedule. Welcome Recording
Notebooks for All Presentation from Notebooks for All, an STScI initiative to make Jupyter Notebook outputs more accessible. Notebooks for All Recording
Illuminating the Universe with Accessible Text Descriptions Presentation about the process of developing accessible descriptions for the initial observations from the James Webb Space Telescope - Margaret Carruthers Text Descriptions Recording
Keynote by Joshua Miele Keynote presentation by Joshua Miele, MacArthur Fellow and leader in adaptive technology design. Keynote Recording
Hearing the Light with Astronomy Data Sonification Presentation about Astronify, a Python package for turning telescope observations into sound. Test your listening skills with an interactive sonification game show - Scott Fleming Astronomy Data Sonification Recording
Learn to Use a Screen Reader Interactive session on learning to use a screen reader - Patrick Smyth, Iota School. Screen Reader Session Recording