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The Interstellar Medium Absorption Profile Spectrograph (IMAPS) obtained high resolution (R=75,000 for IMAPS-1) objective-grating echelle spectra of hot stars, over the spectral region 950-1150 Å. The Principal Investigator was Dr. Edward Jenkins from Princeton University. IMAPS was one of 3 spectrographs comprising the ORFEUS-SPAS mission. ORFEUS-SPAS was a free-flying platform deployed from the Space Shuttle Discovery in September, 1993 and again from the Space Shuttle Columbia in November, 1996. The IMAPS archive currently contains roughly 600 spectral images of 10 hot stars from the first shuttle flight. The data from the second IMAPS mission, an additional 3,900 spectral images of 29 stars, was never released by the project.

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September 12 - September 26, 1993


R ~240,000


  • Echelle Spectroscopy


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