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MAST Staff - 2024 Mar 27


  • CANDELSNIRWL - The NIRWL team has prepared new mosaics covering the CANDELS fields: The UltraDeep Survey (UDS), GOODS South (GS), GOODS North (GN), The Extended Groth Strip (EGS), and the Cosmological Evolution Survey (COSMOS) in the HST F160W filter. The mosaics are drizzled to a pixel scale of 0.05’’ using a Gaussian kernel and are aligned to the Gaia DR3 catalog to ±0.02 arcsec. Proper motions were included when aligning the frames to Gaia DR3. These mosaics have been corrected for systematic astrometric misalignments found in previous versions of the CANDELS F160W mosaics.  View the CANDELSNIRWL page.


Updated HLSPs

  • REFERENCE-ATLASES (models for use in pysynphot) features updates to ROMAN WFI throughput files used by synphot to match the ones used by Webbpsf and Pandeia, and to also update the element name from W146 to F146. View the REFERENCE-ATLASES page.
  • TICA provides quick-look, calibrated TESS full-frame images. View the TICA page. The latest orbits that have been added are:
    • Sector 76, Orbits 1A, 1B, 2A
    • Sector 75: complete
histograms displaying the distribution of astrometric offsets for stars in all five CANDELS fields. the results of this work are clustered tightly at zero, while the means of the distributions from treasury work are much higher
CANDELSNIRWL - Astrometric offset of the CANDELS Treasury Mosaics  v1.0 (gray) and the mosaics produced in this work (blue) from the positions of stars in the proper motion–corrected Gaia catalog DR3. Vertical dashed (this work) and dotted (Treasury) lines mark the median astrometric offset. On average, the updated mosaics have an astrometric offset from the Gaia catalog of 0.02’’, a factor of several improvements compared to the Treasury mosaics.



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