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A biweekly email update of STScI flagship and MAST mission publications

If you are interested in staying current on the latest Hubble Space Telescope (HST), and future James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope science, you can subscribe to a biweekly publications mailing list. You’ll receive a list of papers recently tagged in the HST, JWST and Roman Space Telescope bibliographies in your inbox around the first and fifteenth of each month. There is also a mailing list available for MAST mission publications using data from TESS, GALEX, Kepler/K2, XMM-OM, Swift, and many others.

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Mailing List

Sample Publication List

This is a sample of what the publication list looks like and how multi-instrument/multi-mission papers are handled:


Croft, Rupert A. C., et al.

Direct geometrical measurement of the Hubble constant from galaxy parallax: predictions for the Vera C. Rubin Observatory and Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS) 501: 2688, 2021

Instruments used: ACS WFC3

Missions/programs used: HST14840 HST11360 ROMAN

ADS entry:


Carter, Aarynn L., et al.

Direct imaging of sub-Jupiter mass exoplanets with James Webb Space Telescope coronagraphy

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS) 501: 1999, 2021

Missions used: JWST

ADS entry:


Hajduk, Marcin, et al.

The cooling-down central star of the planetary nebula SwSt 1: a late thermal pulse in a massive post-AGB star?

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS) 498: 1205, 2020

Instruments used: STIS

Missions/programs used: HST8304 HST8711 FUSE IUE

ADS entry:

Mailing List

Papers may use new or archival data, detail in-depth simulations, or focus on instrumentation, engineering, and ground systems. For HST publications – and in future JWST publications – the associated program IDs and instruments are listed along with the title and ADS link.

STScI Library staff curate the science publications that use data or simulations from STScI’s flagship missions: HST, JWST, and Roman. MAST (Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes) staff identify papers using MAST data from missions such as TESS, GALEX, Kepler/K2, IUE, and EUVE.

Learn more about the bibliography methodology and science paper criteria. The complete set of publications can be searched using the Space Telescope Science Institute Bibliography Search at

For JWST and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, this functionality will complement the dynamic publications lists available at:

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