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The Planet Hunters Analysis Database (PHAD) was a search interface that allowed for queries of planet candidates discovered by citizen scientists from TESS data. Planet Hunters is part of the Zooniverse citizen science platform. PHAD was a MAST-created interface that:

  • periodically received updates from the Planet Hunters project on classifications of planet candidates by transit and by users, primarily the center and width of possible transit events
  • provided a web interface to display a sortable table of transit IDs, TIC star IDs, Center of Transit, Width of Transit, and information on the number of transit counts
  • provided a web interface to display a sortable table of every individual transit identification sorted by user name, including the user's estimates for transit center and width
  • included an API that allowed for programmatic access via HTTP GET and POST


PHAD stopped receiving new classification information from the Planet Hunters team on 22 February 2023. The web search interface was decommissioned with a redirection set in place to this page in April 2024.

Historical Screenshots of the PHAD Interface

Below are some screenshots to place its functionality in context.

Screenshot showing the Users tab: a sortable table of classifications per user.
The Users tab provided a sortable table to explore individual transit classifications per user.
Screenshot showing the Transits tab: a sortable table to explore transit properties.
The Transits tab provided a sortable table to explore individual transit properties.
Screenshot showing a part of the About tab; included a description of the table parameters.
The About tab included a description of the parameters available in the tables.