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FUSE Atlas of Starburst Galaxies

The FUSE atlas of starburst galaxies contains far-ultraviolet spectra of 24 nearby galaxies that were studied in the context of spectral synthesis by Pellerin (2004, PhD. Thesis, Universite Laval) and Pellerin & Robert, 2007, MNRAS, 381, 228. The data are optimized for the study of stellar populations and can be useful in several contexts such as multiwavelength studies of young stellar populations. The data can be used as templates for high redshift galaxies.

The galaxies were observed through the 30x30 arcsec (large) science aperture, except for NGC 5253 which has been observed through the 4x20 arcsec (medium) aperture. The data have been resampled to a resolution of 0.127Å/pixel (15-20 km/s). The final spectra were constructed with simple coadditions.

Clicking on "Available Data" below brings up a table with links to the FITS spectra. Two sets of data are given. The first set ("Basic") are coadded, resampled, and flux calibrated data. They cover the full wavelength range of FUSE (905 to 1187Å). The second set ("Corrected") of data are also corrected for redshift and Galactic extinction. The wavelengths below 1000Å (before extinction correction) were removed since the interstellar lines are too dense to allow a good synthesis of stellar line profiles. The image headers contain information on the pointing (e.g. RA, DEC, EPOCH), the total exposure time (EXPTIME), and the spectra themselves (e.g. FILENAME, CDELT1, WAVECENT, etc.).

Available Data