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CalFUSE v3.2.3: The Final Version

CalFUSE is the calibration software used to process FUSE data, remove instrumental effects, extract spectra, and apply wavelength and flux calibrations. CalFUSE 3.2.3 is final version of this software, and was used to reprocess the entire FUSE science data set after the end of operations. In its standard configuration, CalFUSE works well on most data sets, but is not optimized for very faint or extended targets, or for time-variable sources. Hence, the program is provided to the community so that investigators can customize the pipeline and optimize their results if the so desire.

For example, with CalFUSE, one can

  • extract only data obtained during orbital day (to reduce airglow emission);
  • omit the background subtraction or other specific pipeline steps;
  • modify the location of spectral extraction windows or time segments; or
  • (advanced users) apply custom calibration or background files.

CalFUSE is written in C and runs on SUN workstations, Mac computers running OS X 10.2 or higher, and PC's running Linux. CalFUSE compiles under 64-bit processors, but over time other developments may complicate independent running of the CalFUSE software. Please be aware that installing and learning to run the pipeline can be a time-consuming task. We have tried to simplify installation and operation as much as possible, but help from your system administrator may be required depending on the idiosyncrasies of your system.

Recommended computer system: at least a 300 MHz processor, 512 MB of memory, and 5 Gbytes of disk space.

Downloading CalFUSE

You may download the files directly from the MAST web site using your browser or transfer them via FTP.

          login: anonymous
          password: your_email_address
   ftp> cd pub/fuse/software/calfuse
   ftp> binary
   ftp> get INSTALLING_CalFUSEv3.2.3
   ftp> get INTRO_TO_CalFUSEv3.2.3
   ftp> get cfv3.2.3.sw.tar.gz
   ftp> get cfv3.2.3.cala.tar.gz
   ftp> get cfv3.2.3.calg.tar.gz
   ftp> get cfv3.2.3.calz.tar.gz
   ftp> quit

Follow the installation instructions in the file INSTALLING_CalFUSEv3.2.3.

CalFUSE Documentation