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Target Search Help

A target search utility is provided on most of the MAST mission pages. A user may enter a SESAME compatible target name, which is resolved by SESAME to obtain the appropriate coordinates. The coordinates received from SESAME are then used to search the mission database. If the user needs an explanation of the search results, help is available from most search results pages.

Users must enter a target name that SESAME recognizes. If the target name is not found, consult SIMBAD's Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects.

Using the standard mission database search form allows more advanced searches. It is normally accessible from the "Data Search" link on the main mission page.

Since SESAME now accepts coordinates as part of their interface, you may enter coordinates in the format hh mm ss +dd hh mm or as decimal degrees. the declination sign MUST be included in either case. You must be aware that SESAME takes the entered coordinates, finds the nearest object within 10 arcseconds in its catalog and returns the target and the coordinates for that target to MAST. The coordinates returned from SESAME are the coordinate used for the MAST search. If you want very accurate coordinate searches, it it best to use the main mission search pages.