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Science Software Collection

Scisoft is a project within the European Southern Observatory (ESO) to provide a uniform collection of astronomical software utilities for ESO sites and the astronomical community in general. The latest version is Scisoft 8 (Dec 2014) but like Scisoft 7.7 (March 2012) it is only available for Fedora 11 Linux. Scisoft 7.2, (October 2008), 7.1 (April, 2008), and 7.0 (June 2007) are only available for Fedora Core 6 Linux, although unofficially, it may be compatible with other linux distributions as well. The previous version, Scisoft v6.1 September 2006, was for Fedora Core 3, Scisoft v5 was available for RedHat9 and earlier versions are also available for Solaris 8, Linux Redhat 6.2 and HP-UX 11. Earlier versions however are not recommended. See the ESO Scisoft web site for more information on current and previous versions.

MAST currently provides ftp access for Scisoft 7.7 , Scisoft 7.2 , Scisoft 7.1 , and Scisoft 7.0 . Connect via anonymous ftp to and cd to pub/scisoft, or access files from the browser. Installation information, release notes, and a list of contents are also included in these directories.

The version of Scisoft for the Mac is apparently no longer available.