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Getting Started

Launched on June 24, 1999, the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) is a high-dispersion spectroscopic mission. The instrument is optimized for the wavelength region 905-1185 Å and is particularly suitable for studies of interstellar atomic and molecular lines, heavy hydrogen abundances, the OVI resonance lines in hot stars, and the redshifted 584Å ("helium H-alpha") line of neutral helium in distant galaxies.

The project has provided a good overview of the FUSE mission.

A user can search for FUSE data by Observation or by Exposure. The user will note that some of the datasets will have the "Mark" column shaded in yellow. This means that the data are still proprietary and users must be authorized to retreive those data during the proprietary period. Users may mark desired images from the search results page and then click on the button labeled "Submit marked data for retrieval from STDADS". This will take you to a page where you may designate the types of files you would like to request.

FUSE data are archived in the STScI DADS system and are also available online. The FUSE Retrieval Help page gives more information on the retrieval options.

Before investigating data, the observer should be aware of several caveats which are unique to FUSE and can affect the spectral quality. In the near future preview (quick-look) spectral images will be available for an investigator to assess the quality and possible problems for a given exposure. The Observer's Newsletters may also be consulted for past changes in the status of FUSE instrument or pipeline processing of data or for answers to FAQs.