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The People Who Made It Happen

The HUT project began as a proposal to NASA in 1978! More than 100 scientists, engineers, programmers, technicians, and students at the Johns Hopkins University and the university's Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, MD, have worked on HUT since the project was first conceived by principal investigator Arthur F. Davidsen. Here we break down the listings separately for involvement in Astro-1 and Astro-2. We have also included links to information on the shuttle crews that were involved in each mission.

Principal Investigator Arthur F. Davidsen
Hopkins Payload Specialist Samuel T. Durrance

Astro-1 Personnel:
Astro-1 Team Listing
Astro-1 Team Photograph
Astro-1 Flight Crew Information
Astro-1 Flight Crew Photograph
Astro-2 Personnel:
Astro-2 Team Listing
Astro-2 Team Photograph
Astro-2 Flight Crew Information
Astro-2 Flight Crew Photograph