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Final Data Format And Reduction - 2013 Version:

Paper Describing New Data Format And Reduction by V. Dixon et al. PASP, 2013

From Astro-1 Mission:

Astro-1/HUT Performance & Performance by A. F. Davidsen et al. (ApJ, 392, 264, 1992)

Astro-1 Review Paper by A. F. Davidsen (Science, 259, 327, 1993)

Final Astro-1/HUT Calibration Paper by Kruk et al. (ApJ, 482, 546, 1997)

From Astro-2 Mission:

Astro-2/HUT Performance & Calibration by J. W. Kruk et al. (ApJ, 454, L1, 1995)

Astro-2/HUT Engineering Document by B. W. Ballard (Sept. 1995) -- PDF

Final Astro-2/HUT Calibration Paper by J. W. Kruk et al. (ApJS, 122, 299, 1999)

Other Publication links

HUT End of Mission Report

Lists of papers using HUT data through 1998.

Requests for Publications Involving HUT

Reprints of articles based on HUT Astro-1 data which were accepted for publication before the end of 1992 have been collected in a book, Scientific Results from the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope (ed. A. F. Davidsen), which is available on request.