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HUT Scientific and Technical Personnel for Astro-2
The Astro-2 HUT team was made up of nearly 30 Johns Hopkins and APL scientists and staff. Most of these people were at Marshall Space Flight Center working in shifts around the clock to support the Astro-2 mission. In addition, seven teams of scientists from five institutions around the country were selected by NASA in 1993 to participate with the HUT team in the Astro-2 mission. A number of these "guest investigators" also participated in mission operations in Huntsville.

	Astro2 Scientific Personnel

	Principal Investigator
	Arthur F. Davidsen

	Samuel T. Durrance
	Paul D. Feldman
	erard A. Kriss
	Knox S. Long
	William P. Blair
	William G. Fastie
	Richard C. Henry
	Jeffrey W. Kruk
	H. Warren Moos
	Project Scientist
	Gerard A. Kriss

	Deputy Project Scientist for Mission Planning & Operations
	William P. Blair

	Deputy Project Scientist for Instrumentation
	Jeffrey W. Kruk

	Payload Specialist
	Samuel T. Durrance

	Assistant Project Scientists
	Richard H. Buss
	Brian Espey
	Wei Zheng

	Adjunct Scientists
	Henry C. Ferguson (STScI)
	Knox S. Long (STScI)
	Guest Investigator Program Coordinator
	Brian Espey

	Guest Investigators
	Brian Espey(JHU)
	Claus Leitherer (STScI)
	Regina Schulte-Ladbeck (U. Pitt.)
	Geoffrey Clayton (U. Colorado)
	David Finley(Eureka Sci.)
	John Raymond (SAO)
	Nolan Walborn (STScI)

	Technical and Administrative Personnel for Astro-2

	Benjamin Ballard (APL)
	Robert H. Barkhouser
	Alvin Bates (APL)
	Steven J. Conard
	Robert Kean
	Eugene Liverette (APL)
	Charles Owen (APL)
	Scott Shelton (APL)

	Scientific Programmers
	Mary L. Romelfanger
	Michael Swam
	Graduate Students
	Tom Brown
	W. Van Dixon
	Brad Greeley
	Geunho Lee
	Ji-Cheng Liu

	APL Program Manager
	Tom Zaremba (APL)

	JHU Program Manager
	Harold W. Screen

	Administrative Assistant
	Barbara Dreyfus

	Sharon K. Busching