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Alternative Retrieval Method
for Kepler Data and Catalogs

Kepler data may be retrieved without submitting a batch request. Both lightcurve and target pixel files are online and stored in two directory trees. For the browser paths below KKKKKKKKK is the KIC ID and XXXX is the first 4 digits of the KIC ID including the initial zeros.


Target target pixel files


The lightcurve files are also stored in gzipped tarfiles available through anonymous ftp or through the browser. Each tarfile contains all the public data for a quarter. The lightcurve data create a very large tarfile (~40-47 GB holding > 80 GB of data) and the size of the target_pixel_files would be too large for most people to download.

As of October 30, 2012 there are tarfiles of public data for Quarters 0-13. See the README file for information about each individual tarfile.

There are also some tarfiles for easily identified subsets of lightcurves (KOIs, Red Giants, Eclipsing Binaries).

anonymous ftp at
cd /pub/kepler/lightcurves/tarfiles

WGET Scripts

Sets of wget scripts are available for public light curves and target pixel files. These scripts are located in the same directory as the tarfiles. Please read the README file.

Create your own customized WGET scripts from the Kepler data search page by choosing the output format FILE: WGET LC commands or FILE: WGET TPF commands. These options create a wget script file for use in downloading the public data returned from your search.

Download a whole directory of data using WGET

wget -q -nH --cut-dirs=6 -r -l0 -c -N -np -R 'index*' -erobots=off

wget -q -nH --cut-dirs=6 -r -l0 -c -N -np -R 'index*' -erobots=off

You could download larger amounts by going back up the tree:

wget -q -nH --cut-dirs=6 -r -l0 -c -N -np -R 'index*' -erobots=off

would download all the lightcurves.

Download Catalogs

A directory of Kepler catalogs that can be downloaded in ASCII format via FTP or HTTP. See Downloadable Catalogs