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We would like to thank the Kepler project, especially Jessie Dotson and Natalie Batalha, for providing the information needed to create the MAST Kepler web site and search interfaces, and Susan Thompson and Martin Still who have contributed to ongoing updates to the web site.

MAST wishes to thank the following people and groups for contributing data for the Kepler Enhanced Target Search interface:

  • The United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) project which is operated by the Joint Astronomy Centre on behalf of the Science and Technology Facilities Council of the U.K; the Cambridge Astronomical Survey units at the University of Cambridge for reducing the data; the Wide Field Astronomy Unit at the University of Edinburgh for making the data available as a readily accessible archive; and Phil Lucas from the Centre for Astrophysics Research, University of Hertfordshire for observing and supplying the UKIRT Catalog of J magnitudes in the Kepler field of view.
  • Drs. Danny Steeghs and Sandra Greiss of the University of Warwick for their preprint and numerous explanations and magnitude correlation figures beyond those presented in their paper.
  • Drs. Mark Everett, Steve Howell, and Karen Kinemuchi of NOAO, Steve Howell (of the Kepler project and NOAO), and Karen Kinemuchi (Bay Environment Research Institute) for the delivery of their catalog to MAST, sending us their preprint, and numerous discussions on their flags and helping in the construction of our own data quality control flag for these data, and going over our Enhanced Target Search page as beta users.
  • The GALEX project, and particularly the observations planner, Dr. Karl Forster, for planning GALEX observations in the Kepler field and Ms. Min Hubbard, for delivering them to MAST promptly such that they could be made available for the Kepler GO Cycle 4 program.

Comments about the Kepler archive or MAST interface should be sent to