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Kepler Catalogs and ASCII files
Available for Download

The following Kepler catalogs and ASCII files are available for download via anonymous ftp or http at /pub/kepler/catalogs. See the individual README files for more information.

  • kepler_stellar17.csv.gz
    Revised DR25 stellar properties for roughly 200,000 targets. See the README_STELLAR17 file for more information.

  • DVTS4MASTn_released.tar.gz
    ASCII files stored in 4 gzipped tar files each containing roughly 4,000 Data Validation Time Series files for DR24. See the README_DVTS file for more information. (Note the DR25 FITS-format time series files are online in the dv_files directory.)

  • kic.txt.gz
    A 13.1 million row "|"-delimited gzipped ASCII file containing the complete Kepler Input Catalog (version 10). See the README_KIC file for more information.

  • kic_ct_join_12142009.txt.gz
    A 6.6 million row "|"-delimited gzipped ASCII file created using both the Kepler Input Catalog and the Kepler Characteristics Table describing targets on or near the Kepler CCD detectors. Updates will be generated as targets positions change. See the README_KIC_CT file for more information.

  • KGMatch.csv.gz & KGGoldStandard.csv.gz
    Gzipped, comma-separated value, ASCII files containing the Kepler/GALEX Cross match Catalog. KGMatch (280,000 rows) contains a less accurate but more complete list of cross matches. KGGoldStandard (146,000 rows) lists fewer but more accurate correlations. See the README_KGMATCH file for more information.

  • koi_tabdelimited_01aug15.txt.gz
    A tab-delimited ASCII file of the DR24 Kepler Objects of Interest table listing planetary candidates, confirmed planets, and false positives. See the README_KOI file for more information.

  • kepler_fp.tar.gz
    Two tab-delimited ASCII files from the Kepler False Positive Working Group providing additional information on how "False Positive" targets were classified. Since these tables are based on KOI information they are also DR24-related. Note the false positive catalog was updated in June, 2016 and this new version (also DR24-related) is stored in the file "false_positive_list.csv.gz". See the README_FP file for more information.