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HUT Science Program Overview for Astro-2


William P. Blair
and the HUT Team
Johns Hopkins University
February 1995

What follows is a brief description of the HUT Team's overall Science Program for Astro-2, including both the original Principal Investigator team's programs (indicated by program numbers beginning with "H") and Guest Investigator programs (indicated by program numbers beginning with "G"). Where feasible, we group various programs together in an attempt to show the larger picture. From this, it should be obvious that there is a large amount of synergism between the programs as we try to use observations of a relatively few number of objects to understand larger issues in today's astrophysics.

The descriptions are intended to be at an understandable level for the general reader, but do include some unavoidable "technical jargon." Please refer to a good introductory astronomy textbook or ask a HUT team member for further clarification if necessary.