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Missing Kepler Light Curves
(last update: May 15th, 2017)

As listed below, the Kepler pipeline processing software did not produce light curves for some Kepler observations. Apparently the calculated optimal aperture can fall outside the collected pixels for a given target so a light curve could not be extracted. The MAST search results include observations for which only Target Pixel Files were generated so it is not always obvious which are missing light curves.

The misising light curves are listed in the Kepler Anomaly Reports (KACRs). KACR-1253 reports targets for which light curves could not be produced in Data Release 14 and 16, KACR-1797 is a list of light curves that could not be generated in Data Release 24, and KACR-1867 is a list of light curves that could not be generated in DR25. Although the KACR lists may overlap, light curves not produced in an earlier data release would not be produced in a later release. In all cases however the Target Pixel Files (TPFs) should be available.

The final set of missing dataset names, target types (all are long cadence) and corresponding KACR(s) are listed below by quarter.

Quarter 0
Quarter 1
KPLR001434988-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR004058519-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR005015625-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR005015638-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR007022601-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR008349808-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR008578956-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR009307356-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR010066680-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR010134470-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
KPLR012555386-2009166043257,llc (KACR-1867)
Quarter 2
KPLR002436772-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR007022601-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR010134470-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR009531999-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR008349808-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR009776717-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR009777144-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR009815247-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009837049-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR009655619-2009259160929,llc (KACR-1253)
Quarter 3
KPLR007022601-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR008349808-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR009532317-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009532636-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009531960-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009594466-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009655019-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009655144-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009655271-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009655803-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009716036-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009716070-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009716352-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009715626-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009776477-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR009836388-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1867)
KPLR010134470-2009350155506,llc (KACR-1253)
Quarter 4
KPLR002439250-2010078095331,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR007522661-2010078095331,llc (KACR-1797) (KACR-1867)
KPLR011913246-2010078095331,llc (KACR-1253)
KPLR011975128-2010078095331,llc (KACR-1797) (KACR-1867)
KPLR012118269-2010078095331,llc (KACR-1797) (KACR-1867)
Quarter 5
KPLR007522661-2010174085026,llc (KACR-1797) (KACR-1867)
KPLR011975128-2010174085026,llc (KACR-1797) (KACR-1867)
KPLR012118269-2010174085026,llc (KACR-1797) (KACR-1867)
Quarter 6
KPLR006694866-2010265121752,llc (KACR-1797)
KPLR008160336-2010265121752,llc (KACR-1797)
Quarter 7
KPLR007506871-2010355172524,llc (KACR-1797)
KPLR008254860-2010355172524,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1797)
KPLR012069477-2010355172524,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1797) (KACR-1867)
Quarter 8
KPLR007506871-2011073133259,llc (KACR-1797) (KACR-1867)
Quarter 9
KPLR006350306-2011177032512,llc (KACR-1253) (KACR-1797)
Quarter 10
Quarter 11
Quarter 12
KPLR007506871-2012088054726,llc (KACR-1797) (KACR-1867)
Quarter 13
Quarter 14
Quarter 15
Quarter 16
KPLR007506871-2013098041711,llc (KACR-1797)
Quarter 17