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Search and Retrieval

The following K2 search forms and files are currently available. If you are planning to submit large search queries or data requests, please see the Submitting Large Requests page. If you encounter any problems, please contact the help desk via the link at the bottom of this page.

  • Data (Search, Download Options)
    Both the search form and the direct download option allows access to the C0 though C19 Target Pixel Files (TPFs) and light curves. For a listing of the database columns see the K2 Field Descriptions page. All TPFs and light curves are also accessible online as described in the "download options" link above.

  • EPIC - The Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog (Search, Download)
    Allows access to the more than 50 million row K2 Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog (EPIC) listing targets for Campaigns 0 - 19 with updated stellar properties for Campaigns 1 through 19. See the README file for information on downloading the 5 gzipped ASCII files, and the EPIC manual for more information. For a listing of the searchable catalog fields available at MAST, see the EPIC Field Descriptions page.

  • K2 FFI and Engineering Data
    Use this page to access bulk download scripts for K2 Full Frame Images (FFIs) and the following files:
    • Long and Short Cadence Collateral (COLL&COLS) files
    • Artifact Removal Pixel (ARP) files
    • Background Pixel (BKG) files
    • Engineering FITS files
    • Reverse Clock (RVC) files (if any are delivered)
  • K2 Exoplanets
    Provides access to the K2 published Exoplanet table compiled by NExScI. The columns are defined at the K2 Planets Field Descriptions page.

  • Kepler/K2 Casjobs
    A SQL-based GUI for searching the Kepler and K2 database tables.

  • Ancillary Files
    Available ancillary data files including CBVs, FFIs (and engineering data), thruster firing listings, and the latest Spice kernels for the Kepler spacecraft.

  • K2 High Level Science Products
    This page lists the K2-related High Level Science Products currently delivered to MAST.