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Full Frame Image (FFI) Display

This tool enables you to browse the K2 fields of view using the currently available FFI images, and to identify specific objects observed by GALEX, SDSS, and 2MASS in the K2 field as well as objects for which data are now published. The timestamp in the FFI file names are in the format yyyydddhhmmss, where ddd refers to Day of Year (for example, 114 = April 24 UTC), and times refer to the end of the exposure.

See the README file in the FFI directory for more information on how MAST added the WCS information to the original headers for C0 and C2.

Note the Campaign 9 (and perhaps 10 & 11) FFIs will not have the standard WCS information included in the FITS headers, so the catalog overlays and RA & Dec values will not be displayed for those files.

Display channel:
for FFI image:
K2 Fields of View
Approximate K2 Fields of View for the observed and planned Campaigns, click image to enlarge. Image by NASA/Fergal Mullally with permission from the Kepler Science team.