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NOTE: Most of the High Level Science Products are unavailable while unscheduled maintenance is being performed. They will be incrementally restored over the course of this week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Kepler CBV Files

02 Oct. 2017 - NOTE: The NEXTEND keyword in CBV files for DR24 and DR25 was incorrectly assigned to a value of 2. The headers have been updated to the correct value of 84.

As data is reprocessed, so will the CBVs. Be sure to use CBVs with the same Data Release number as your data. Below is the current list of available Cotrending Basis Vector (CBV) files. These data products can be used to remove instrumental systematics from the Kepler light curves. For a given data release, there is one FITS file per quarter. Each file contains 84 extensions, one for each CCD channel, and 16 basis vectors per channel. These basis vectors can be fit to the Kepler SAP flux vector and the best fit vectors subtracted to significantly reduce systematic trends in the time series.

To download a particular file, click on the appropriate File Name below. Alternatively, ftp to and cd to /missions/kepler/cbv/. Files from various earlier releases are also downloadable from this directory.

Click on the linked data release number below to display the latest data release notes. See the Kepler Archive Manual for a description of the CBV file format, and see Chapter 7 of the Data Characteristics Handbook for more information on the CBV characteristics and how to use them.

For a tool to fit and apply CBVs to your K2 light curve, see the kepcotrend task available with the PyKe software package

CBV Files

File Name Quarter Data Release Delivery Date
kplr2009131105131-q00-d25_lcbv.fits 0 25 October 14, 2015
kplr2009166043257-q01-d25_lcbv.fits 1 25 October 14, 2015
kplr2009259160929-q02-d25_lcbv.fits 2 25 October 14, 2015
kplr2009350155506-q03-d25_lcbv.fits 3 25 October 22, 2015
kplr2010078095331-q04-d25_lcbv.fits 4 25 October 22, 2015
kplr2010174085026-q05-d25_lcbv.fits 5 25 October 22, 2015
kplr2010265121752-q06-d25_lcbv.fits 6 25 November 6, 2015
kplr2010355172524-q07-d25_lcbv.fits 7 25 November 6, 2015
kplr2011073133259-q08-d25_lcbv.fits 8 25 November 6, 2015
kplr2011177032512-q09-d25_lcbv.fits 9 25 November 6, 2015
kplr2011271113734-q10-d25_lcbv.fits 10 25 November 6, 2015
kplr2012004120508-q11-d25_lcbv.fits 11 25 December 4, 2015
kplr2012088054726-q12-d25_lcbv.fits 12 25 December 4, 2015
kplr2012179063303-q13-d25_lcbv.fits 13 25 December 4, 2015
kplr2012277125453-q14-d25_lcbv.fits 14 25 December 4, 2015
kplr2013011073258-q15-d25_lcbv.fits 15 25 December 22, 2015
kplr2013098041711-q16-d25_lcbv.fits 16 25 December 22, 2015
kplr2013131215648-q17-d25_lcbv.fits 17 25 December 22, 2015