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As of April 13, the archive is now using the STScI Single Sign-On (SSO) identity manager. To check on your account click here. For more information about how accounts were transitioned click here.

MAST Contacts for Help

The Archive Hotseat is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern to answer questions about the Archive.

For questions about HST data analysis, send E-Mail to:

For assistance with the archive, or help with other missions (e.g., Kepler, FUSE, IUE, Copernicus EUVE, etc.) send E-mail to:

To talk with a Hotseat representative you may also call 410-338-4547.

Submissions for ingest into the JWST SID archive need to be arranged in advance. Submissions may be sent via sftp to a specified location or on external media addressed to the SID archive. The team contact should coordinate with the archive contact, Herb Kennedy, by e-mail , or telephone 410-338-4443, to obtain a location for the sftp transfer or arrange for delivery of the external media.

A list of MAST staff members.

Operations and Engineering Division (OED)
Space Telescope Science Institute,
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore MD 21218