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Latest Updates

04 October 2018
First preliminary data products from the NASA TESS mission now available. Target pixel files, extracted light curves, and data validation reports for 44 planet candidates from 43 TESS stars observed at 2-minute cadence are available. These targets come from the TESS Data Alerts system.
04 October 2018
Version 7.02 of the Candidate Target List is now available for download and in the Portal. See the Release Notes for more info.
13 August 2018
The TESS mission has released the first four pointing coordinates for Sector 1:
15 February 2018
Simulated TESS data products ("ETE-6") now available. See the ETE-6 homepage for more information.
23 January 2018
Version 6 of the TIC is now public. See the live release notes for information on changes from TIC v5.
10 July 2017
Parallax-based log(g) errors in TIC v5. See notes here.
05 June 2017
Version 5 of the TIC and CTL are now public.
14 April 2017
Version 5 of the TIC and CTL will be made available to the public soon.

Mission At A Glance

Launch No earlier than March 2018.
Capabilities Imaging; Photometry
Image Scale 21 arcsec/pixel

Example Coverage Map

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