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MAST Users Group

The MAST Users Group (MUG) provides essential user perspectives on archive operations and development, including suggesting priorities for short and long term operational and scientific enhancements to the archive.

Members of the 2016-Dec MAST Users Group

Todd Tripp (Chair) (University of Massachusetts)
Martha Boyer (STScI)
Steve Howell (NASA/Ames K2 Project Scientist)
Dan Foreman-Mackey (Sagan fellow at University of Washington)
Knut Olsen (NOAO)
Dan Weisz (UC Berkeley)
Gail Zasowski (STScI - Lasker Data Science Research Fellow)

*Note: Membership is nominally for 3 years, with two members rotating off each year; we welcome any interested members of the community of MAST users who would like to serve on this group.

Agenda for December 15-16, 2016 meeting.

2016-Dec MUG Report (PDF Format)

The last meeting was held January 14-15, 2016.

Past MAST Users Groups members, presentations and reports