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Kepler Documents

  • Kepler Archive Manual (June 5, 2014) - includes updates to FITS keywords, quality flags, PDC description, MAST tools. The previous version is Revision 4 Archive Manual (April 24, 2012). For information on the earlier version 2.0 light curves and version 1.0 FFI's, see: Revision 3 Archive Manual (November, 2011)

    -Citation: Revision 5: D. Fraquelli & S. E. Thompson, 2014, Kepler Archive Manual (KDMC-10008-005).

    -Citation: Revision 4: D. Fraquelli & S. E. Thompson, 2012, Kepler Archive Manual (KDMC-10008-004).

    -Citation: Revision 3: D. Fraquelli & S. E. Thompson, 2011, Kepler Archive Manual (KDMC-10008-003).

    -Citation: Revision 2: D. Fraquelli & S. E. Thompson, 2011, Kepler Archive Manual (KDMC-10008-002).

    -Citation: Revision 1: D. Fraquelli & S. E. Thompson, 2011, Kepler Archive Manual (KDMC-10008-001).

    Original: D. Fraquelli, 2009, Kepler Archive Manual (KDMC-10008).

  • Kepler Instrument Handbook (July, 2009) - provides information about the design, performance, and operational constraints of the Kepler hardware, and an overview of the pixel data sets available. Data which would be unwieldy to print in this document format are included in the Instrument Handbook Supplement tar file. Supplement files are called out in the text, and a README file in the tar file also gives a brief description of the files contained.

    - Citation: J. E. Van Cleve & D. A. Caldwell, Kepler Instrument Handbook (KSCI-19033).

  • Kepler Data Characteristics Handbook (May, 2013) - A description of the phenomena that the Kepler Science Office have found in the data. These phenomena are tabulated each release in the relevant Data Release Notes.

    - Citation: J. L. Christiansen, J. M. Jenkins, D. A. Caldwell, T. Barclay, S. T. Bryson, C. J. Burke, J. Campbell, J. Catanzarite, B. D. Clarke, J. L. Coughlin, F. Girouard, M. R. Haas, K. Ibrahim, T. C. Klaus, J. J. Kolodziejczak, J. Li, S. D. McCauliff, R. L. Morris, F. Mullally, E. V. Quintana, J. Rowe, A. Sabale, S. Seader, J. C. Smith, M. D. Still, P. G. Tenenbaum, S. E. Thompson, J. D. Twicken, and A. K. Uddin, 2013 , Kepler Data Characteristics Handbook (KSCI - 19040 - 004)

  • Data Processing Handbook (April, 2011) - describes the selection of targets and specifications of their associated pixel sets, the transformation of these pixel sets into calibrated and corrected photometric time series, and the detection and validation of transits in those time series by the analysis Pipeline developed and operated by the Kepler Science Operation Center (SOC).

    - Citation: M. N. Fanelli, J. M. Jenkins, S. T. Bryson, E. V. Quintana, J. D. Twicken, H. W. Wu, P. Tenenbaum, C. L. Allen, D. A. Caldwell, H. Chandrasekaran, J. L. Christiansen, B. D. Clarke, M. T. Cote, J. L. Dotson, R. Gilliland, F. Girouard, J. P. Gunter, J. Hall, M. R. Haas, K. Ibrahim, K. Kinemuchi, T. Klaus, J. Kolodziejczak, J. Li, P. Machalek, S. D. McCauliff, C. K. Middour, R. Morrris, F. Mullally, S. Seader, J. C. Smith, M. Still, S. E. Thompson, A. K. Uddin, J. Van Cleve, and B. Wohler, Kepler Data Processing Handbook (KSCI-19081-001).

  • Data Release Notes

  • Kepler Input Catalog: Photometric Calibration and Stellar Classification
    Brown, T., et al, 2011