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Kepler Latest News

  • 7/23/15 - Updates from NExScI were made to 97 entries in the Kepler KOI table, and 2 recently-announced earth-like exoplanets were added to the published info and KOI info Kepler confirmed planets tables. The condition flags were also updated.

  • 6/25/15 - A link to the Kepler Planet Occurrence Rate Tools (KeplerPORTs), written in python, has been added to the Kepler Data Reduction page.

  • 6/24/15 - A new page on alternate download options is now available. The page describes how to access online files via ftp or http, how to submit batch requests, and various options using the Wget/Curl shell commands.

  • 6/16/15 - Updates from NExScI were made to the Kepler KOI table (including over 100 new KOIs), the Kepler Q1-Q17 stellar parameters table and the published info and KOI info Kepler confirmed planets tables. The condition flags were also updated.

  • 6/2/15 - The reprocessed Full Frame Images (FFIs) from Data Release 24 are now available online. The new FFIs use the actual information on the FFI to determine target positions rather than the previous (possibly less accurate) method of using positions from the nearest good cadence).

  • 5/27/15 - The confirmed planets tables (i.e., published info, & KOI info) and the condition flags have been updated to include 7 new exoplanets.

  • 5/4/15 - Kepler-432 c has been added to the Kepler exoplanet tables (published info, and KOI info).

  • 4/22/15 - All Q0-Q17 Data Release 24 data are now available through batch downloads, the search interface, online for both lightcurves and target pixel files, and as tarfiles. In addition, tarfiles of the lightcurves for Kepler Objects of Interest (KOIs), Eclipsing Binaries, and Red Giants are also available. WGET scripts have also been prepared. See the alternate retrieval methods webpage that explains ways to retrieve data other than via batch requests.

  • 4/15/15 - The Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) table (as provided by NExScI) has been updated and now includes about 1400 new entries. The condition flag entries and the confirmed planets table have also been updated.

  • 4/6/15 - Data Release Notes 24 have been re-released to describe a flagging issue that impacts some Short Cadence fluxes (see Section A.1.9 for details).

  • 3/31/15- The ingest of Data Release 24 continues with ingest of the short cadence lightcurves (SLC) and target pixel files (TPF).

  • 2/24/15 - Exoplanet Kepler-447 b has been added to the confirmed planets tables (i.e., published info, and KOI info).

  • 2/12/15 - Data Release Notes 24 are now available.

  • 2/5/15 - The Kepler Q1-Q17 Stellar parameters table and the Kepler Q1-Q16 Stellar parameters table have been updated. 34 columns were removed which contained all null values, and 30 new columns were added. The new columns however are only populated in the Q1-Q16 table for now.

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