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Kepler Latest News

  • 2/27/14 - 715 exoplanets have been added to the confirmed planets tables (i.e., published info, and KOI info) and 60 have been removed for various reasons (see removed targets). This brings the total to 964 exoplanets from 411 host stars. The condition flags have also been updated.

  • 1/20/14 - Four exoplanets from three host stars have been added to the confirmed planets tables, and 412 KOIs have been added to the koi table. The condition flags have been updated.

  • 1/16/14 - Deadline for suggesting targets for Campaign 1 of the proposed K2 mission is 7 March 2014. See the K2 mission page for more information.

  • 12/20/13 - The Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) table and condition flags have all been updated. Roughly 1,000 new KOIs were added.

  • 12/19/13 - Data Release Notes 23 (pdf) describing the release of Quarter 17 data is now available. Also, the cdpp_quarter17 ASCII file listing targets observed in quarter 17 was added to the ftp area.

    All Q17 data are now available both through the batch downloads through the search interface, online for both lightcurves and target pixel files, and as tarfiles. See the webpage that explains ways to retrieve data other than via batch requests.

  • 12/10/13 - MAST search forms will now resolve Kepler IDs as a target name if it represents an observed target. Names can be entered in a form such as: kic1026032, 1026032, kplr1026032, kepler1026032, or kplr001026032. Kepler planet names can also be resolved when entered in a form such as kepler-7, kepler-32b, etc.

  • 11/15/13 - The Eclipsing Binary Catalog (Version 3 Beta) from Villanova has been updated. The current version contains 2,605 entries. Note a few targets have multiple entries due to multiple periods or ephemerides.

Quick Links

  • K2 mission page - Information on the proposed K2 mission.

  • Kepler Data Search - search for and retrieve Kepler Data.

  • Kepler Target Search - find KIC targets on the Kepler CCDs with additional magnitudes and colors, and find non-KIC targets from additional sources.

  • Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) Catalog - Lists Kepler "targets of interest" and identifies potential planets, confirmed planets, and false positives.

  • Kepler Eclipsing Binary Catalog - This tables, compiled by the team at Villanova, lists the known eclipsing binaries observed by Kepler.

  • General Search Information - Information on search syntax.

  • Kepler Public Light Curves and Target Pixel Files - Information on quick access to the public lightcurves and target pixel files..