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Kepler Latest News

  • 12/17/14 - Latest updates from NExScI were added to the Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) table. 8 targets changed disposition from "planetary candidate" to "false positive".

  • 12/10/14 - Latest updates from NExScI were added to the Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) table.

  • 12/9/14 - Seven exoplanets have been added to the confirmed planets tables (i.e., published info, and KOI info). This brings the total to 999 observed exoplanets (of which 996 were discovered by Kepler) from 430 host stars.

  • 12/04/14 - The ingest of Data Release 24 has begun. This delivery contains Long cadence Lightcurves (LLC) and target pixel files (TPF). The current status for each type of product and retrieval source is described in the table below.

    MAST data discovery portal users should note that the llc tarfiles for each individual Kepler ID will not be recreated until data from all quarters have been received and ingested. The data for individual quarters available through the portal are the same as the online data, so by unchecking the minimum recommended set (MRS), the individual files are available. Use the data labels to identify the quarter.

    The location of the files has not changed so the wget scripts will not be recreated.

    Quarter Data Type Through batch ("DADS") retrievals Online status Long cadence lightcurve tarfile status
    0 LLC Complete Complete Complete
    TPF Complete Complete NA
    1 LLC Complete Complete
    TPF Complete Complete NA
    2 LLC Complete Complete
    TPF Complete Complete NA
    3 LLC Complete Complete
    TPF complete Complete NA
    4 LLC Complete Complete
    TPF Complete Complete NA
    5 LLC Complete Complete
    TPF In Progress In Progress NA
    6 LLC
    TPF NA
    Quarters 7-17 pending

  • 12/03/14 - The Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) table (as provided by NExScI) now includes about 40 new entries with all entries now having assigned dispositions. New (optional) columns were added for insolation flux, fitted stellar density, planetary fit type, TCE planet number and TCE delivery name.

  • 11/18/14 - The Kepler Q1-Q16 Stellar Parameters table has been updated to include 2MASS H, J, and K magnitudes.

  • 11/14/14 - Beginning in early December, we will start ingest of the Data Release 24 long cadence light curves, target pixel and ancillary files which is reprocessed Kepler data for quarters Q0 --> Q17. The short cadence for all quarters will be ingested after the long cadence. Once the data are ingested, the current data will no longer be available. We expect this ingest to take several months to complete and will indicate the ingest progress on our website.

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