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Kepler Latest News

  • 8/27/14 - NExScI-generated gzipped tar files containing Data Validation Time Series (DVTS) files are now available for download via ftp or http at /pub/kepler/catalogs. See the README_DVTS file for more information.

  • 7/29/14 - Exoplanet Kepler-421 b has been added to the confirmed planets tables.

  • 6/30/14 - Three exoplanets from 2 host stars have been added to the confirmed planets tables (i.e., published info, and KOI info). This brings the total to 980 exoplanets from 418 host stars.

  • 6/27/14 - The Kepler Objects of Interest (KOI) dispositions and the condition flags have been updated. The number of planetary candidates has been reduced by 21.

  • 6/12/14 - A new version of the Kepler Archive Manual is now available describing updates to FITS keywords, quality flags, PDC description, and MAST tools.

  • 12/10/13 - MAST search forms will now resolve Kepler IDs as a target name if it represents an observed target. Names can be entered in a form such as: kic1026032, 1026032, kplr1026032, kepler1026032, or kplr001026032. Kepler planet names can also be resolved when entered in a form such as kepler-7, kepler-32b, etc.

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