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Specifications for Selection of UIT for Scrapbook


General goal: show UIT images in two ultraviolet wavelength bands.

Filter choice for all bands, in ranked order
  Far-UV Near-UV
1st choice B5 A1
2nd choice B1 A5
3rd choice B6 A2
4th choice B4 A4
5th choice B3 A3
6th choice B2  

General Selection Guidelines

When more than one image with the same filter is available, pick the one with the longest exposure time. If there is more than one having the same exposure time, select the latest one.

Definition of individual pointing

The field of view is a 40' circle. A unique pointing is defined by a separation of 10' of any other exposure.

Wavelength Bands

Far-UV (B-filter) bands are centered in the range 1400--1600Å; near-UV (A-filter) bands are centered in the range 1900--2500Å. (described at


Scratches on some Astro-1 images.


Data are images digitized from photographic film.