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Specifications for Selection of HST/STIS for Scrapbook

Permitted Observing Configurations:

There are two detectors, CCD and MAMA (more UV-sensitive). We list below grating preferences for scrapbook, largely based on resolution (low preferred) and useage by observers.

Ranked Observing Configurations

Rank far-UV near-UV Blue Red/IR
First choice: G140L* G230L* G430L G750L
Second: G140M* G230LB G430M G750M
Third: E140M*G230MB - -
Fourth: E140H*G230M* - -
Fifth: -E230M*- -
Sixth: -E230H*- -


  1. far-UV refers to wavelengths lower than about 1700 Å;
    near-UV, to ~1700--3100 Å;
    blue, to 3100--5600 Å;
    red, to above about 5600 Å.

  2. starred entries: MAMA detector


None known yet.
Note that database needs to be repopulated periodically; live mission!

Specifications for selected representative dataset:

accum is the only operating mode for STIS