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Kepler Dataset Input Help

Use the Kepler Dataset Input form to retrieve a list of datasets by their dataset name, without having to search for and mark them in another search screen.

Note All the data retrieved through this interface will be sent to the Archive Host machine, from which it may be transferred via anonymous FTP. Only public data may be retrieved; retrieval of proprietary data is not yet supported through this interface. To retrieve proprietary data (if you are priveleged to do so), you will need to submit the retrieval through StarView.

Enter a list of datasets...
In the text box, enter a list of names of dataset you wish to retrieve. The list may be separated by whitespace (tables or spaces), newlines, or commas.

Enter a filename...
(Note: This option only works with browsers that can do file upload.)
Enter the name of a file on your system that contains a list of datasets to retrieve. (Your browser may draw a button labelled "Browse..." next to the input field. You can use this to browse through your directory to find the file to upload.) When you hit the "Send file of datasets" button, the contents of the selected file will be delivered to the server and the datasets will be marked for retrieval.