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Specifications for IUE Selections for Scrapbook

Permitted Observing Configurations:

Short-wavelength (SWP) and long-wavelength (LWP, LWR) cameras.

Low and high dispersion modes

Ranked Observing Configurations

Rank Far-UV Mid-UV
First choice: SWP - low LWP - low
Second: SWP - hi LWR - low
Third:   LWP - hi
Fourth:   LWR - hi


Limited dynamic range, so both under & overexposures can be a problem.

Possible excessive cosmic ray contamination

Specifications for selected representative dataset:

Second observation after 1986.0 (if applicable). If observations are available only before this date, rank the preference in reverse time order before 1986.0.


Low dynamic range means relatively high rate of under/over exposures to be culled out when encountered.
Include high-dispersion observations only for subsequent versions.


  1. 'Engineering' (nulls, flatfields, emission-comparison) and solar system spectra. These correspond to IUE object classes .lt. 10 and .gt. 90.
  2. Any spectra not processed through NEWSIPS.