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Specifications for HST/GHRS Selections for Scrapbook

Permitted Observing Configurations:

Rank Far-UV Mid-UV
First choice: G140L G270M
Second: G160M Ech - B
Third: G200M  
Fourth: G140M  
Fifth: Ech - A  


MINWAVE, MAXWAVE header keywords must be fixed for those datasets with currently questionable values and which also contain *.c0,   *.c1 files; for those datasets wavelength limits taken from data files and will replace the current erroneous ones.

Specifications for selected representative dataset:

Short- (<2000 Angstroms) and long-wavelength spectra will be displayed for a given object whenever they both exist.

Low resolutions will have preference (as ranked below).

Select observation with the longest exposure time for a given grating configuration.

For two or more otherwise-equivalent observations, choose the observation first done.


N.B.: Previews will be redone by CADC.

"GHRS Caveat": in case of observations existing at high-res for a target nucleus, and low res nearby, pick the dataset for the target nucleus.