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Specifications for HST/FOS Selections for Scrapbook

Permitted Observing Configurations:

Red and blue digicon detectors (with large overlap in wavelength sensitivity).

Ranked Observing Configurations

Rank UV Blue Red
First choice: G160L - bl then red G650L- red side G570H - red side
Second: G130H - bl side G400H - red then blG780H
Third: G190H - red then bl G270H - red, then blG570H -blue side


  1. UV refers to wavelengths lower than about 2300 Angstroms;
    Blue, from above 2000 Angstroms to near 5000 Angstroms;
    Red, to above 5000 Angstroms.)

  2. blue-side/red-sides refer to two optical paths; each "side" is a separate dataset.


None known yet.
Recalibration of datasets in late-2001 by ECF will supercede STScI's and MAST's current collection.

Specifications for selected representative dataset:

Version 1 will use only accum observations;
i.e.,   omit rapid or period observations.


Omit rapid or period observations.