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The EUVE Guest Observer Program Handbook

PostScript files of the EUVE Guest Observer Program Handbook can be obtained individually:

  • (1.5 MB)

    Table of Contents, Preface, Introduction, The EUVE Mission, EUVE Guest Observer Center, Using This Manual

  • (1 MB)

    Science Payload Configuration, The EUVE Spectrometer, the Deep Survey: an EUV Imaging System

  • (1.5 MB)

    Introduction to Planning Observations, Electronic Resources for Proposers, Observability, Effective Area Functions, Spectral Resolution, Estimaged Background Levels, Detection Quality, Time-Critical Observations, Targets of Opportunity, Diffuse and Extended Sources, Imaging Multiple Sources, Quick Reference to Parameters and Equations

  • (1.5 MB)

    Proposal Technical Review, Observation Scheduling, Data Acquisition, EGO Center Processing and Delivery, Guest Observer Data Analysis

  • (52 KB)


  • (1.5 MB)

    A- Sky Survey Instruments
    B- List of EUVE Project Acronyms
    C- Column Densities in the Interstellar Medium: Bibliography

  • (127 KB)


Or the entire Handbook can be obtained as one PostScript file:

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