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Coadded Scan Field Descriptions

Table of Contents

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List of Fields

  • wavelength wavelength vector in angstroms
  • net flux coadded net flux vector
  • background background vector
  • nstack number of coadded scans at each wavelength
  • sigma sigma of counts at each wavelength
  • scans scan numbers used in co-addition

Description of Fields

  • Wavelength vector
  • valid range: 900 < = entry < = 1560
  • type: floating point
  • units: angstroms
  • The wavelength vector as generated by the program STACK. The vector is linearized to have an increment of 0.01 angstroms. The minimum and maximum wavelength of the individual scans determines the wavelength range. All wavelengths are in the heliocentric reference frame.

    net flux
  • coadded net flux vector
  • valid range: ? to ?
  • type: floating point

  • background vector
  • valid range: ? to ?
  • type: floating point
  • coadded background vector corrected for sensitivity degradation. The vector provided by the OAO-3 project is used by default. If not available, a background is derived from a table of standard backgrounds stored as a function of orbit number.

  • Number of scans at each wavelength
  • valid range: 1 to 167
  • type: 16-bit integer
  • Number of points coadded at each wavelength.

  • sigma of counts at each wavelength
  • valid range: ? to ?
  • type: floating point
  • The scatter in net flux values about the mean at each wavelength.

  • scan numbers
  • valid range: 1 to ?
  • type: 16-bit integer
  • The scan numbers (measured sequentially in time for each target) used in the co-addition.

  • References.

    Jenkins, E.B., "Instructions for Information Retrieval from the Copernicus Disk Data Set", revised 29 September 1975.

    Compiled/edited by R.W. Thompson.

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    Anonymous ftp site on in pub/copernicus.

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    Origin of documentation.

    This document was compiled by the Copernicus Archive Project. Project members include staff from the GSFC Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics (LASP) and the GSFC Astrophysics Data Facility (ADF).